Fast Company Mag.
Illustration for magazine Fast Company about Hilton Hotels.
Forbes | Cover Illustration
Cover illustration for Forbes magazine.
Lazy Habits | Album Cover Illustration
Album Cover illustration for the Big Band Hip Hop(UK), Lazy Habits.
Joker | The Dark Knight
Joker, vector illustration.
Bramble Type | 36 Days Of Type
This is the alphabet I created for the third edition of 36 Days Of Type, I was inspired by nature, particularly in the brambles and the forms they generate.
St.Louis Magazine
Illustration of Eric Greitens for St.Louis Mag.
Fortune Mag & Netflix
Illustration of Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings for FORTUNE MAGAZINE.
Stickin´ in my eye // Patterns.
Patterns made from various illustrations of different eyes.
Ferrari Dino vector illustration.
Ford GT40 vector Illustration.
Lamborghini Miura vector illustration.
Look at me! Vol.02
Personal project about the study eye.
Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.
Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. Vector illustration of the Darkside.
Vector illustration of one of the best 2014 TV series.
The Avengers: Age of Ultron
Fan art vector illustration of the "Avengers: Age of Ultron" film.
Br Ba
Vector illustration of one of the best TV series ever.
MAD MAX Fury Road
Vector illustration of one of the best action movies of 2015.
Pulp Fiction
Vector illustration of one of my favourite films ever.
Boobs & Boards // Vans Exhibition
Happy Ending Agency from London invited me to participate with a poster in a charity exhibition at House of Vans for helping Coppafeel. You can buy this print and support Coppafeel charity at
Childhood Legends // vol. 01
Childhood Legends is an experimental collection based on television, movies & comic icons of my childhood until today.
GUSTO ROBUSTO - sixth series
GUSTO ROBUSTO - sixth series
Vector Illustration for YOROKOBU MAG // November 2015.
Fast Company Illustration
llustration for Fast Company magazine. Portrait of Tipatat Chennavasin, VR evangelist.
Dashape BCN 2015 // Nike AIR MAX 90
I had the pleasure to be invited by Dashape to collaborate with a print at the art exhibition in Barcelona. I´ve made a tribute with one of the best urban shoes ever, Nike AIR MAX 90
Book cover "Trece Monos"
Illustration book cover proposal, "Trece Monos".
Modify Watches x CranioDsgn
I teamed up with the amazing guys at Modify Watches to create my first watches collection.
Fregata Andrewsi
Vector illustration of one of the most curious and beautiful endangered birds.
Before the Space Odyssey
Vector illustration based on the original photo of Art Kane.
Batalla de los Gallos 2014 // Red Bull.
Propuesta para campaña "Batalla de los Gallos 2014" de Red Bull. Cliente: Red Bull // Agencia: Rosebud
Space Odyssey
Vector illustration based on the original photo of Art Kane.
DREAMERS magazine #02
Commissioned illustrations for DREAMERS magazaine #2.
Ilustradores Ilustrados
"Ilustradores Ilustrados" es un juego planteado a cada uno de los diseñadores, ilustradores y calígrafos que participan en este proyecto. El reto planteado es intervenir libremente sobre un nuevo formato de lienzo: su retrato, con su propio estilo y técnica. Illustrations
Commissioned illustrations for
"Star Wars" // Entertainment Weekly
"Star Wars" Illustration for Entertainment Weekly.
Batman Returns Tribute
Vector Illustration Fan Art.
Vector Illustrations for YOROKOBU MAG.
Vector illustrations for ESPN mag.
The AnimalCo | Species
The AnimalCo called some wild artists to dedicate their latest piece to the animal they love the most. With only one rule: They have to design it in the exact form of the Animal logo.
The Match Girl
Created for the Happily Ever After exhibition. You can buy it here: All proceeds going to the breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel.
New York Red Bulls // Golden Boot Winner
Illustration for the Golden Boot Winner event to celebrate this player called Bradley Wright Phillips breaking the team scoring record.
True Detective // Rust Cohle
Vector Illustration about the TVserie True Detective.
Vector Illustration of one of the best icons of the cinema industry.
Not So Bad
Vector Illustration Fan Art.
FKA Twigs
Vector Illustration of FKA Twigs, based in the original photo by David Burton.
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes
Vector Illustration. Alternative Movie Poster.
Fan Art illustration of one of the best animation series.
Carrie // Remake
Vector Illustration. Alternative Movie Poster.
Vector Illustration. Alternative Movie Poster
Vector Illustration, Alterntative Movie Poster.
Newsweek Magazine
Cover Illustration for Newsweek Magazine.
DREAMERS magazine #01
Ilustraciones para la primera publicación de la revista DREAMERS, de la Universidad Florida (Valencia), dirección de arte: LuisB / Agencia: Brands & Roses.
Violet Minds // Solo Exhibition
Violet Minds // Solo Exhibition in SHO BCN, art toys & gallery design in Barcelona.
Warner Bros // The BigBangTheory
Ilustración de Sheldon Cooper para la exposición "The Big Bang Theory" organizada por Warner Bros & Nucleus Gallery, en la Fnac de "El Triangle" de Barcelona.
Paper Kraft
Analyzing the traditions that have survived the passage of time, transmitted from generation to generation and the ways to make and the craft materials, have been the printing world and traditional stationery, places where we found our inspiration for this project, one of the raw materials in these classic workshops: paper, and specifically the brown paper (kraft paper) with multiple uses. We present our proposal for a small collection of simple clothes, practical and comfortable for children, based on the concept of the shapes and lines of this multifaceted role. The pattern of main fabric of these proposal simulates the texture of kraft paper and has been achieved from digital printing on a textile easily folded, looking to emphasize the added value of this proposal: clothes that do not necessarily require ironing. Garments designed for moms and dads whom take their time nibbling their little cheeks and don't want to lost time ironing the clothes. Wash, hang up and ... .¡Play! - National Award for Children's Fashion Contest XV Creació Jove - Valencia Crea 2014 - Selected to FIMI (International Children's Fashion Fair) in the 4th Edition of the category Nuditos (design students) in Valencia, Spain. Photo: Andreu Robusté
Look at me!
Personal project about the study eye.
FORTUNE Magazine
Illustration for FORTUNE Magazine.
T.V. // Movies
Vector illustrations of some of the most influential T.V. // Movies of all time.
ADWEEK: What Women Watch on TV
Illustration for ADWEEK.
Eight by Eight: Issue 01
8by8mag contacted me for make some illustrations for the issue 01. Is a USA magazine 120 page that features original stories about global soccer including the Premier League, World Cup, European leagues, MLS and South America. It contains new feature writing from some of soccer’s most acclaimed journalists and it showcases wonderful photography, fun illustrations, and great info-graphics all in a beautifully designed, vibrant, large-format publication.
Nike // Men's Alabama Crimson Tide
Illustration for NIKE USA, Nike Men's Alabama Crimson Tide Crimson '15 and Rolling' Swag T-Shirt
Cambio16 // Cover Mag
Cover Illustration for analytical magazine about the present time in Spain and the world, Cambio16.
"And out come the wolves" // Tshirt design
How many times have you been running or camping in the woods and you had the feeling that they had several eyes watching you, and you've been to a state of nervousness and tension, and what was to be a quiet night was running to be a scary night when everything was in your imagination? Here I present a unique design that refers to this story, which appears a wolf doubled, watching you intently, calmly but surely, and do not know if you have a friendly attitude will attack you or one thousandth of a second, and if you want can not stop looking at the eyes of wolves, Exclusive design for Mister Dress Up.
Bumblebee Art Print
A3 Print Design (42x29,7 cm.)
Champagne 1920
Illustration for "Champagne 1920" exhibition. (1º Circuito de Ilustración de Valencia).
VARAgids covers
Illustrations for cover magazine VARAgids (Netherlands).
Ilustración para NIKE USA, En este trabajo aparece la ilustración del trofeo de la Nike National Championship Game Trophy (Alabama)
Fastwest - App
Fastwest. The fastest mobile phone of the beach.
Surge Polonia T-shirt designs
T-shirt designs created for polish clothing brand Surge Polonia.
la Cometa
La Cometa is an educational project which bases their proposal on specifically activities designed to meet the needs at each stage of children development. We build the image from the union of two concepts: la cometa (kite) as playful element which when is flying symbolizes the imagination of children, and opens the mind to new and creative solutions, and "la cometa" (short of comma in Catalan), as punctuation mark, bringing order to the sentence, to organize your tasks and ideas to understand the world. Typography: Rumba - Laura Meseguer
Cover Lineker Magazine #19
Cover illustration for Lineker magazine #19
Cover Lineker Magazine #18
Cover Illustration for Lineker Magazine.
Eight by Eight: Issue 02
Vector portrait of Roy Keane for 8by8mag. He is an ex Manchester United player. Very tough guy. Also captain of the team and The Republic of Ireland. he's been a manager/coach too, but has been fired 3 times. Now he is back as assistant manager on Ireland. Everybody is wondering how he will behave!
Vector Illustration of one of the best horror and Sci-Fi movies.
4 of Clubs | Digital Abstracts
Digital Abstracts invited me to produce a piece of art for a playing card for a pack of poker cards. They ask different artists from around the world to take part. Here is my proposal, the Four of Clubs.
Thom Yorke | RADIOHEAD
Vector illustration of one of the most influential English Rock band of all time.
"ARCADIA" Book cover
Commisioned work illustration for cover artwork of the book "Arcadia".
Ilustración para uno de los articulos del #41 de la revista YOROKOBU. Autor: CranioDsgn Cliente: YOROKOBU Agencia, Estudio / Ilustración / Director de arte en Ilustración: CranioDsgn Diseñador gráfico: Luis B Redacción: Mar Abad Fotografía: Juanjo Sagi Tipografía: Mf Rocket
Tony Hawk & SIGG Project
Tony Hawk & SIGG Project
THE WOOD LIFE // making off & inauguration exhibition
THE WOOD LIFE // making off & inauguration personal exhibition
The Hollywood Reporter #5
Ilustración realizada para un articulo de la revista de Hollywood, Los Ángeles (USA) The Hollywood Reporter, en el cual explica como los hombres se arreglan y se preparan para acudir a las galas y entregas de premios.
Howler Magazine
Ilustración de Roberto Di Matteo (actual entrenador del Chelsea F.C.) y Pep Guardiola (ex-entrenador del F.C. Barcelona) para el primer número de la revista estadounidense Howler Magazine.
Alternative Movie Posters volume 2
Ilustración de Death Proof publicada en el libro Alternative Movie Posters volume 2
Goldfinger Poster
Vector illustration of the best James Bond of all time.
MOON | Film Poster
Poster design of one of my favourite films.
Pi: 15th Anniversary Artwork Competition
Pi: 15th Anniversary Artwork Competition
Animals Collection
Personal animals vector illustration collection.
CMYK Faces
Artwork for an exhibition based on the moods related to CMYK culture.
God Is An Astronaut
Vector illustration entitled the same name of one of the groups of Post-Rock Instrumental that I deserve more respect.
Music Collection
Vector illustrations of some of the most influential artists in music of all time.
Let´s Ride // Lettering
Let´s Ride Lettering.
Punk Love // Lettering
Punk Love // Lettering
The Rocketeer
Ilustración de la película "The Rocketeer" de 1991, basada en el cómic de Dave Stevens,
· G E I S H A ·
Ilustración vectorial
BIRDS // Vector Illustrations Collection
Colección personal sobre algunas clases de pájaros realizadas de forma vectorial.
CURIOOS // “2012 Top Personalities Collection”
Ilustración de la película Drive, para la colección de láminas limitadas de Curioos, “2012 Top Personalities Collection“
Urban Shoes
Personal Project
Personal illustration.
Ilustración vectorial.
Friends Collection
Friends Collection
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