C11/22 CAM PLANTS SECRET is the name of a capsule collection created using denim & polyester recycled textiles. This project was created by the creative studio: Doctor Zamenhof.
- - - - -
CAM plants have developed a specialised mode of photosynthesis that allows them to grow while only consuming half of what they should. Adapting this concept to a fashion collection, Doctor Zamenhof presents a serie of garments focus on the sustainable idea of "creating the double with half".
- - - - -
The aesthetics - particularly the colours and contrasts- were informed directly by the forms of the CAM plants (agave, nopal and pineapple), inspiring the graphic language of the final artwork proposed for this project.
- - - - -
In this sense, I was asked to create an artwork destined to be part of a fabulous reversible dress & a shirt. The idea was creating an illustration for one of the sides of this mentioned garment. 
- - - - -
It was a pleasure working with: Andreu Robusté (Photographer), Samuel Navarro (Camera and Edition), Noelia Noumenow (Model & Illustrator of another artwork proposed for this collection) & Vivian Campbell (fashion designer and creative director).
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